Software plugin for Lynis


Most compromises are the result of unpatched software components. This plugin helps detecting installed software, including web applications.

With this plugin, the control panel can quickly show vulnerable packages, outdated libraries, and unused software components.

Examples of tests include:

  • Unused packages
  • Outdated packages
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Unneeded installed kernel files


This test is only available to users of Lynis Enterprise, as it collects specific data to be used with the Enterprise version.

Plugin tests

PLGN-1402Installed Linux kernels
PLGN-1408D-Bus details
PLGN-1410Recently installed software
PLGN-1412Recently installed software using pacman
PLGN-1414YUM version
PLGN-1416YUM components and plugins
PLGN-1420Software updates available (YUM)
PLGN-1430Installed packages (macOS)