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Perform security audits: monitor and increase your defenses
For Linux, UNIX, and macOS

Lynis Enterprise Online (SaaS)

Using Lynis Enterprise with your web browser, managed by us.

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Lynis Enterprise hosted in your network (or private cloud).

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What our customers say

“I started using Lynis since the first releases and I have always been impressed by the consistency and the quality. I highly recommend companies to buy the commercial version.”
NJ OUCHN - Organizer Black Hat Arsenal

“Lynis is a great way to both quantify security risks within a Linux system and provide recommendations with where to start hardening. The world can use much more of these products. I will continue to use Lynis in my toolkit to help harden both my own and my client's systems.”
John Spar - Partner of Creative Roots, Inc

“Lynis is a great tool to test our baselines and identify current problems and gaps.”
Dolev Farhi - DevOps Engineer, F5 Networks

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How does renewal work?

After your order, a license key is created. By default, there is no auto-renewal, so you can always choose when to renew. Simply create a new order and we will process it.

What about security?

Data exchange occurs via encrypted connections (HTTPS). Credit card details are processed by a PCI compliant third party. More info »
Exporting data

Can I export my data?

Yes, we have different formats to extract the data whenever you want.

Can I also pay with PayPal?

Yes, we also have a PayPal account. Contact us for details on how to order.

Can I try Lynis Enterprise first?

Sure, we have a trial available.
Windows support

Does your solution work on Windows?

Our solution is highly specialized, making us different than our competitors. Therefore we focus on Linux, Unix and macOS only.
cloud storage

What to do if I don't want to store my data in the cloud?

Sure, we understand that, and have alternatives available. Please contact us for the options (on-premise/VPS/custom).

Something is not clear to me. Where can I get more information?

Questions are feedback for us! Go ahead and ask.
why upgrade

Why would I upgrade to Enterprise?

Get access to the Enterprise functions, all plugins, support and guidance.