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The Lynis tool itself is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Obtain the software via a package, tarball, GitHub, or otherwise.


SaaS or Self-Hosted

Perform security audits and increase your defenses
For Linux, UNIX, and macOS
SaaS Basic
$ 18 / system / year
  • tickSecurity Auditing
  • tickDashboard and Reporting
  • tickImplementation Plan
  • tickHardening Advice
SaaS Premium
Full package
$ 36 / system / year
  • tickSecurity Auditing
  • tickDashboard and Reporting
  • tickImplementation Plan
  • tickHardening Advice
  • tickSystem integrity tests
  • tickIntrusion Detection
  • tickConfiguration Management
  • tickCompliance and Policies
  • tickProgramming Interface (API)
Tailored to your needs
Customization options:
  • More than 100 systems?
  • Prefer a self-hosted version?
  • Managed service provider?
  • Performing 3rd party audits?
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What our customers say

“I started using Lynis since the first releases and I have always been impressed by the consistency and the quality. I highly recommend companies to buy the commercial version.”
NJ OUCHN- Organizer Black Hat Arsenal

“Lynis is a great way to both quantify security risks within a Linux system and provide recommendations with where to start hardening. The world can use much more of these products. I will continue to use Lynis in my toolkit to help harden both my own and my client's systems.”
John Spar- Partner of Creative Roots, Inc

“Lynis is a great tool to test our baselines and identify current problems and gaps.”
Dolev Farhi- DevOps Engineer, F5 Networks

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How does renewal work?

After your order, a license key is created. By default, there is no auto-renewal, so you can always choose when to renew. Simply create a new order and we will process it.

What about security?

Data exchange occurs via encrypted connections (HTTPS). Credit card details are processed by a PCI compliant third party. More info »

Exporting data

Can I export my data?

Yes, we have different formats to extract the data whenever you want.


Can I try Lynis Enterprise first?

Sure, we have a trial available.
Windows support

Does your solution work on Windows?

Our solution is specialized on Linux, Unix, and macOS. It makes us different than our competitors.
why upgrade

Why would I upgrade to Enterprise?

Get access to the Enterprise functions, all plugins, support and guidance.
cloud storage

What to do if I don't want to store my data in the cloud?

Sure, we understand that, and have alternatives available. Please contact us for the options (on-premise/VPS/custom).

Something is not clear to me. Where can I get more information?

Questions are feedback for us! Go ahead and ask.