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Linux vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability Scanning

Lynis is a passive vulnerability scanner.

First benefit is clean log files, as no active probing will be performed. Since scans are running on the system, they are also more in-depth, and can detect areas undiscovered by normal vulnerability scanners.

These benefits decrease the risk to affect any of your business processes.

Linux system hardening

System Hardening

Each system is a strong as its weakest link. For enterprise users we have ready-to-use code snippets, which can be used to harden the system. The time to read long hardening guides is over!

Linux intrusion detection

Intrusion Detection

With Lynis already performing an in-depth scan, it can also detect traces of intrusion. With the help of heuristics and anomalies, you gain an additional layer of security.

central administration

Central Administration

One place to gather all security related information. With the focus on user experience, your data is just a few mouse clicks away.

customized action plan

Customized Action Plan

Every environment is different. That is why we actually measure and help you deciding where to start first. You stay in control, while at the same time get proper guidance.

security reporting


Your manager wants to know how well you are doing? Sure, no problem! We have ready-to-use reports to show the status of your environment.

security dashboard

Security Dashboard

Your time is precious and you rather not look in log files and reports on a daily basis. This is where the security dashboard will be a big help. In one glance you know everything about your environment.

hardening guidance

Continuous Monitoring

Security is never finished. Only with continuous monitoring you can keep improving and now you can.

hardening guidance


Tips and suggestion which matter. Extensive documentation and support available for all your questions.