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Frequently Asked Questions

Lynis Enterprise is easy to use, extensive and suited to your security needs. It brings you back in control and decreases risk for your business and customers. Here are some answers to help you to get to know our services better.


What is the difference between Lynis and Lynis Enterprise?

Lynis is a software component to audit Unix based systems. Lynis Enterprise uses Lynis to gather data from machines. Additionally it has an administration interface, reporting, implementation plans, hardening guidance and more.


What software do I need?

On the servers only our open source tool Lynis. All other parts are web based, therefore just a regular web browser will do. No exotic plugins needed!

What platforms are supported?

Lynis supports 32 and 64-bits systems running Linux, macOS and Unix (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris).

Is Windows supported?

At this moment Windows is not supported. Lynis runs only on Unix based systems.

Do I need internet access on all my servers?

No, simply one machine is enough. By using the Lynis Collector, all data can be gathered from the internal network. This Collector acts as a proxy and uploads data. Customers who prefer hosting the Lynis Enterprise solution internally, usually don't need the Collector. Internet access for receiving updates is in that case still applicable.

What permissions are needed for Lynis?

Lynis does an in-depth test, therefore needs root permissions (or sudo).


Can I see a demo?

Sure! We have a demo page, which also includes the possibility to request a trial.


How can I order Lynis Enterprise?

Easiest method is via online payment (credit card). Via the pricing page you can order online.
If you want to use PayPal or other payment methods, please contact our support team.

Software Quality Assurance

How do I know the software is well tested?

Lynis is our gift to the community and is used by thousands of companies and individuals. We have a "release often" policy and apply only small changes. Since Lynis is an auditing tool and does not change actual configurations, the risks are very low.