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Security Auditing. Simplified.

Security auditing and monitoring, for Linux and Unix systems.

Measure IT risks

Every company deals with risks, trying to take the right business decisions. Unfortunately when it comes to IT security, many are lost what measures should be taken.

Measurable security

Using Lynis Enterprise, you can perform extensive security scans yourself. The solution helps you measure and define your security defenses, so you can keep your valuable data protected.

What makes Lynis different is its specialization in Unix and Linux environments. Achieving more in-depth security scans than ever before.

Our promise: Simple, Quick, Understandable

Audit tooling for Linux and Unix


  • check Extensive security scans
    Security for every Linux/Unix system, independent of age and version.
  • check Saving time
    Easy set-up, audits within only a few minutes, and focused on automation.
  • check Clean and simple
    Easy to use interface, quick integration, understandable reports.


  • in-depth audits In-depth audits by host based scanning
  • optional installation Installation is optional
  • no dependencies Even dependencies are optional
  • Unix, Linux, BSD and Mac OS supported All Unix, Linux, BSD and Mac OS versions
  • Free version available Free community version available
  • Action plans Action plans, with priority based hardening strategies
  • Discover vulnerabilities Find undiscovered vulnerabilities
  • Compliance testing Compliance testing (PCI, HIPAA, SOx and others)
  • Intrusion detection and monitoring Detect intruders and monitor for configuration issues
  • Continuous auditing Continuous auditing, discover changes
  • Layered dashboards Layered dashboards (technical and managerial)
  • Reporting and data exports Reporting and data export
  • User management Different levels of user access
  • open source components Open source software

“ Lynis is a great tool to test our baselines and identify current problems and gaps ”
Dolev Farhi - DevOps Engineer, F5 Networks

Why Lynis Enterprise?

  • Host based auditing, resulting in more detailed scans
  • Specialized in Linux/Unix, laser focused to support your favorite platform
  • Actionable plans, using the PDCA method
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Why CISOfy?

Our software components are used since 2003 all over the world, by individuals, security professionals, from small to Fortune 500 companies.

  • Specialized in Linux/Unix
    Giving us an advantage when it comes to your favorite platform.
  • No shareholders
    We work for our customers, resulting in affordable pricing and great support.
  • Community supported
    Open source software, receiving feedback, and sharing blog posts to help secure your systems.
What our customers say...

Safe option?

Safe defaults

Other vendors use "safe" option in their software, to limit possible harming tests. We think that should be implied, and ensure that all tests are safe by default.

Don't touch!

Most of our tests only gather information. This keeps application logs clean, while being able to do more in-depth scans at the same time. No more guesswork from the network!

Detect weaknesses before attackers do!

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Auditing is the first step to get an objective impression on your security defenses. Within just 15 minutes your data center could be fully audited.

In-depth scans
With the sharp focus on Linux/Unix only, you gain the best possible knowledge in one solution.

Open Source
Lynis is free to download and “open source”. You get full access to the inner workings of the program. That's why Lynis is a well-known auditing tool, and also fully supported by the community.

Companies gain enterprise features, with a flexible pricing scheme.

Security auditing
Continuous security monitoring


Continous Monitoring

After solving any discovered weaknesses, continuous security monitoring will detect (unauthorized) changes. This way your efforts are safeguarded, preventing your security defenses from falling back.


Use reporting to spot any room for improvement. Information security is an ongoing process and reporting is your tool to improve your defenses even further.


Embed information security, keep control over your network and expand security awareness.


Integrate your existing CMDB with Lynis Enterprise, software configuration tool or SIEM solution. Automation is the key to save time and keep systems in the desired state.


Easy compliance with baselines, and predefined sets for HIPAA, PCI or other compliance needs.


Stay in control with the dashboard functionality. With one quick glance at the dashboard, it becomes easy again to target and focus your efforts.

Control your security
Gabriel Gaitan, Domovida
“We were researching system hardening for Linux. With Lynis Enterprise, we found a great solution that makes work easy and reliable. This toolkit allows us to have much better control on the security of the systems. Especially those systems for our customers. The support offered by CISOfy has been excellent!”
Used by thousands of system administrators daily and featured by:
The Hacker News Cisco Systems Fedora Security Lab

» Know your defenses

Your customers and manager expect you to shine in your work. You need to be 100% sure about your security defenses.
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» Get back in control

Perform automatic in-depth audits, discover weaknesses, test for compliance and benefit from continuous monitoring.
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» Outperform

Your work can be interesting and enjoyable at the same time! Avoid bad surprises and stay on top of your game with Lynis Enterprise.
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The Linux/Unix security solution for companies, which prefer to only use specialized solutions to test their systems.

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