Linux and Unix security solutions

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Security auditing, system hardening, and compliance monitoring

Lynis Enterprise performs security scanning for Linux, macOS, and Unix systems. It helps you discover and solve issues quickly, so you can focus on your business and projects again.

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checkQuick and simple
  • Easy to use interface
  • Integration with other tools
  • Understandable reports
checkSaving time
  • Easy set-up, low maintenance
  • Audits within only a few minutes
  • Focused on automation
checkImproved security defenses
  • Specialized in Unix technology
  • Independent of age and version

Product features

  • in-depth audits In-depth audits by host based scanning
  • optional installation Installation is optional
  • no dependencies Even dependencies are optional
  • Unix, Linux, BSD and macOS supported All Unix, Linux, BSD and macOS versions
  • Free version available Free community version available
  • Action plans Action plans, with priority based hardening strategies
  • Discover vulnerabilities Find undiscovered vulnerabilities
  • Compliance testing Compliance testing (PCI, HIPAA, SOx and others)
  • Intrusion detection and monitoring Detect intruders and monitor for configuration issues
  • Continuous auditing Continuous auditing, discover changes
  • Layered dashboards Layered dashboards (technical and managerial)
  • Reporting and data exports Reporting and data export
  • User management Different levels of user access
  • open source components Open source software

“ Lynis is a great tool to test our baselines and identify current problems and gaps ”
Dolev Farhi - DevOps Engineer, F5 Networks

TechRepublic considers Lynis to be a must-use tool.

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