Compliance Solution

Lynis Enterprise has several modules and plugins available to support compliance checking. This is done with ready-to-use policies, which are linked many individual tests. Our software solution is one of the very few, which is focusing on the compliance of Linux and Unix-based systems.

Linux, Unix and macOS

To meet compliance requirements on Linux, Unix and macOS, a combination of many smaller tools is needed. Lynis Enterprise helps monitoring each of these individual software pieces and links them back to compliance standards.

Common platforms tested by our customers, include:

  • Debian
  • AIX
  • FreeBSD
  • Red Hat (RHEL)
  • Ubuntu
  • Solaris

Automated testing

From PAM, up to extensive event logging with auditd, we got your back. We haved documented common best practices and tips to get you compliant.

You only have to assign a related policy to your systems and our solution will do the testing. Meeting security compliance requirements made easy!


The following standards have supporting documentation and tests:


To support these compliance standards, we have defined our individual controls and mapped them. See the compliance matrix for more details.