GDPR Compliance

Need to get your Linux systems GDPR compliant? Lynis Enterprise supports all common distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, and RHEL. What makes us different is that we also support macOS, BSD, and other Unix platforms like AIX, HP-UX and Solaris. As Unix specialists ourselves, we help you passing your audits, by providing best practices, snippets and tips.


The General Data Protection Regulation applies to all companies that store information from European citizens. While it definitely puts some burden on companies to implement, it improves the privacy for all of us. Companies are forced to be more cautious regarding the storage and processing of personal data.

Although there are many good aspects of the regulation, there are also a lot of things unclear. Especially when it comes to the technical implementation of this regulation. For that reason, Lynis Enterprise has a predefined GDPR policy available. While it is not a silver bullet, it helps to test your systems against common security measures and see if they are in place.