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Lynis is an open source security auditing tool. Primary goal is to help users with auditing and hardening of Unix and Linux based systems. The software is very flexible and runs on almost every Unix based system (including Mac). Even the installation of the software itself is optional!

How it works

Lynis will perform hundreds of individual tests to determine the security state of the system. Many of these tests are also part of common security guidelines and standards. Examples include searching for installed software and determine possible configuration flaws. Lynis goes further and does also test individual software components, checks related configuration files and measures performance. After these tests, a scan report will be displayed with all discovered findings.

Typical use cases for Lynis:
  • Security auditing
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • System hardening

Why open source?

Open source software provides trust by having people look into the code. Adjustments are easily made, providing you with a flexible solution for your business. But can you trust systems and software with your data? Lynis provides you this confidence. It does so with extensive auditing of your systems. This way you can verify and stay in control of your security needs.

Example output:
Example output of a Linux security scan with Lynis

Our Lynis Enterprise Suite uses Lynis as a core component. This solution focuses on companies serious about information security and want to safeguard their network. Main audience is system administrators, security professionals and auditors working for these kind of companies.

Fact sheet
» Open Source (GPLv3)
» Free to use
» Well-known and mature
» Big community of users
» Packages/ports available
» Used by individuals, businesses,
government departments and multinationals

Quick links
» Downloads
» Lynis documentation

Lynis Enterprise

Interested in using Lynis on more than 10 machines, automation, reporting and hardening information?

Learn about Lynis Enterprise

Lynis Tour

We have a full tour available to discover all benefits.