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 LynisLynis Enterprise
 Lynis onlyPremium
SolutionStandaloneSaaS (online) or Self-hosted*
Systems1 system5/20+
License key + Support-1 Year
Multi-level dashboardmulti-level dashboardcrosstick
Custom Improvement Planimprovement plancrosstick
Compliance Reportingcompliance reportingcrosstick
Integration options (eg API)crosstick
Control Panels (e.g. Plesk)control panels auditingcrosstick
Systemdsystemd auditingcrosstick
Usersuser auditingcrosstick
DockerDocker container auditingcrosstick
Security ModulesAuditing of security modulescrosstick
File IntegrityFile integrity monitoringcrosstick
Hardening (shell)crosstick
Hardening (Ansible, Cfengine, Chef, Puppet, SaltStack)crosstick
History per machinecrosstick
 Lynis onlyPremium
Pricing type-Systems
Pricing (month price, per system)Free!$3*
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* The self-hosted solution has a customized plan and pricing.

Gabriel Gaitan, Domovida
“We were researching system hardening for Linux. With Lynis Enterprise, we found a great solution that makes work easy and reliable. This toolkit allows us to have much better control on the security of the systems. Especially those for our customers. The support offered by CISOfy has been excellent!”

Reasons to Upgrade

Additional benefits

Our free auditing tool Lynis is already powerful and easy to use. By upgrading to Lynis Enterprise, you will receive additional benefits:

  • Quickly test your compliance status
  • Show proof to your manager or auditor
  • Better insights: by using additional plugins
  • Saving time: with ready-to-use hardening snippets
  • Integration: link systems with our API
  • Support and guidance

Open Source Software

When it comes to security, trust is everything. We believe in in transparancy, so our client is fully open source and free to use. With so many people using the software already, you know it is stable and trustworthy.

Pricing models

To provide a flexible solution we have the following pricing options:

License per year

Lynis Enterprise is an online service (SaaS): No installation or hosting is needed.

How it works:
  • Choose a package (Basic or Premium)
  • Select your number of systems
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Custom solution

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