Why CISOfy?

The difference is... you

You want:
  • To trust
  • To do your job properly and efficient
  • To get value for your money
We understand you.

Once we were sitting on your chair and dealing with the same issues. We were so passionate about solving these issues, which resulted in our auditing solutions.

Focus on you

What we provide and our core believes, are 100% about you: Customer Focus, Simplify and Specialization.

1. Customer Focus

You are the one who has to work with procedures, software and other tools. That is why our customers are asked regularly to provide feedback and share their needs.

One of the key areas in this core believe, is knowledge sharing. For example by publishing articles on our Linux Audit blog about Linux hardening, security, and compliance.

Timely support, additional guidance where needed and we can even help with implementation.

2. Simplify

Many software solutions are too complicated. Most vendors even sell trainings to use their products!

Lynis Enterprise is easy to use. For example: your first audit can be done in less than 3 minutes.

We continuously test our products to simplify them. Instead of just adding more and more features, we don't mind cutting things. No one benefits from tools which are stuffed and hard to use, right?

Other examples:
  • Easy website navigation
  • Web-based solution
  • Least number of software dependencies (or better: none!)

3. Specialization

As an extension to our second core believe, we believe in specialization. This enables solutions to be "lean", powerful and simple to use.

You will benefit from the best possible auditing solution for Linux, Unix and macOS. Whenever it is detecting malware, intrusions or room for improvement. We will audit your systems and help you.

Start Today

Our core component Lynis, is available as an open source software tool. We are so confident in our products that we give most of it away for free. Start using it today and see how even this standalone tool already can greatly benefit you.

Download Lynis  Download Lynis

“Provide security professionals (up to the CISO) with powerful tools to measure security efforts.”