Vulnerability Management

Detecting weaknesses

One area of information security is the discovery of weaknesses in IT environments. These weaknesses may be present in the operating system, software components and system configurations. While Linux and Unix based systems have a solid foundation, vulnerabilities also exist on this platform. Proper and timely discovery is essential to keep systems and data secure.

Local and network based

Vulnerability scanning can be done via the network or the local system itself. Where other solutions use solely the network, our solution uses a combination of both. This way additional weaknesses can be discovered, helping you to better protect your systems.

What is a vulnerability?

A vulnerability is a weakness in software (a defect), or weakly configuration (in system or software). Attackers use vulnerabilities to penetrate security barriers. Vulnerabilities can be compared with a castle having their gate closed, but the wood used on the gate is not properly tightened to withstand any force.

Common vulnerabilities include weak passwords, outdated software, weak software configurations.

What is a vulnerability assessment?

Vulnerability Assessment is the process of scanning systems (and devices), to discover vulnerabilities. The main goal is to fix the findings from an assessment, before attackers can abuse these weaknesses.

Why Lynis Enterprise

In comparison with other solutions, Lynis Enterprise scans systems from the inside. This is done by performing host based scanning. More ground can be covered and undiscovered items will be picked up as well.

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