Compliance to standards and regulations is something most of have to deal with. Ensure that you remain compliant costs a lot of time and money. Our solution helps you automating and perform continuous audits by using ready-to-use policies.

Compliance for Linux, Unix and Mac OS

Most existing software solutions use the same underlying tools or techniques. Our solution is different on several levels, starting with our clear focus on only Linux, Unix and Mac OS based systems. Besides the tools to test, we also provide in-depth articles and supporting tools to actually do the implementation of controls.

In the compliance section we have listed some of the standards, including detailed information on what can be done. All focused on your favorite platform.


Compliance can be hard, as there are so many rules. Often these rules are vague, like "use secure passwords". Lynis Enterprise simplifies these rules by testing for specific values and tell what options to use.


By default Lynis tests for many security controls, including those related to compliance with the different standards. In some cases more tests are needed. This is why we provide additional Lynis plugins for our customers. If your plan has the Compliance module, Lynis can tell how well you are doing regarding the related standard.

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