Lynis 2.1.0

= Lynis 2.1.0 (2015-04-16) =

Screen output has been improved to provide additional information.

OS support:
CUPS detection on Mac OS has been improved. AIX systems will now use csum
utility to create host ID. Group check have been altered on AIX, to include
the -n ALL. Core dump check on Linux is extended to check for actual values
as well.

McAfee detection has been extended by detecting a running cma binary.
Improved detection of pf firewall on BSD and Mac OS. Security patch checking
with zypper extended.

Session timeout:
Tests to determine shell time out setting have been extended to account for
AIX, HP-UX and other platforms. It will now determine also if variable is
exported as a readonly variable. Related compliance section PCI DSS 8.1.8
has been extended.

- New document: Getting started with Lynis

Plugins (Enterprise):
- Update to file integrity plugin
Changes to PLGN-2606 (capabilities check)

- New configuration plugins:
PLGN-4802 (SSH settings)
PLGN-4804 (login.defs)

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