Lynis 1.6.4

- Boot loader detection for AIX [BOOT-5102]
- Detection of getcap and lsvg binary
- Added filesystem_ext to report
- Detect rootsh

- Hide errors when RPM database is faulty and show suggestion instead [PKGS-7308]
- Allow OpenBSD to gather information on listening network ports [NETW-3012]
- Don't trigger warning for Shellshock when doing segfault test [SHLL-6290]
- Do not run Apache test on OpenBSD and strip control chars [HTTP-6624]
- Extended AIDE test with configuration validation test [FIND-4314]
- Improved Shellshock test regarding non-Linux support [SHLL-6290]
- Added support for gathering volume groups on AIX [FILE-6311]
- Properly parse PAM lines and add them to report [AUTH-9264]
- Support for boot loader detection on OpenBSD [BOOT-5159]
- Added uptime detection for OpenBSD systems [BOOT-5202]
- Support for volume groups on AIX [FILE-6312]
- Redirect errors when searching for readlink binary

About Lynis Enterprise

We help companies with auditing and hardening their Unix, Linux and macOS systems.

Our software solution performs in-depth security audits and provides guidance. This way you are quickly underway in getting your systems safe and secure.

With focus on automation, boring hardening documents and benchmarks are no longer needed.