Lynis 1.6.2

* 1.6.2 (2014-09-22)

- IsVirtualMachine function to check if system is running in VM

VM types: Bochs CPU emulation, IBM z/VM, KVM, Linux Containers,
libvirt LXC driver (Linux Containers), Microsoft Virtual PC, OpenVZ,
Oracle VM VirtualBox, QEMU, Systemd Namespace container,
User-Mode Linux (UML), VMware products, XEN

- Detection for SaltStack configuration management tooling
- ShowSymlinkPath function to check path behind a symlink
- Check of configuration options of pacman [PKGS-7314]
- Support for drill binary to check for Lynis update
- FileIsEmpty function to check for empty files
- Detect updates for Arch Linux [PKGS-7312]
- Add detection for machine ID (systemd)
- Added linux_config_file to report
- Bash completion script for Lynis
- Added detection of ss binary

- Extended system reboot check, to enable it for most Linux versions[KRNL-5830]
- Improved inetd test to avoid false positive with xinetd process [INSE-8002]
- Permissions check has been adjusted to allow packaging and pentest mode
- Added detection for compressed Linux config file [KRNL-5728]
- Added support for compressed Linux config file [KRNL-5730]
- Store PID file in home directory of the user, if needed
- Added usage of ss to gather listening ports [NETW-3012]
- Additional permission added to CUPS check [PRNT-2307]
- Extended telnet in inetd test [INSE-8016]
- Fix for reading at.deny file [SCHD-7720]
- Removed individual warnings [BOOT-5184]
- Several improvements for Arch Linux

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