Lynis 1.6.1

- Added --pentest parameter to run a non-privileged scans (e.g. for pentesting)
- Show skipped tests in report if they require root and scan is non-privileged

- Improved vulnerable packages test on Debian based systems (apt-check) [PKGS-7392]
- Don't show warnings for 'swap' in 4th column fstab file [FILE-6336]
- Remove warning for old files in /tmp [FILE-6354]
- CheckUpdates function will have better output when no connection is available
- Changes to parameters and functions, to allow penetration tests with Lynis
- Test for actual files in /etc/modprobe.d before grepping in it
- Improved chown command when file permissions are incorrect
- Changed output of update test, show when status is unknown
- No scanning of symlinked directories (binaries test)
- Extended SafePerms function to also check for UID
- Several tests will have root-only bit set now
- Improved netstat tests on Arch Linux

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