Lynis 1.4.4

- Detect tune2fs binary
- Added ExitFatal() function
- Added egrep binary to binaries
- Initial plugin support (phase 1)
- Added InsertPluginSection() function

- Adjusted disabled functions tests to properly find functions [PHP-2320]
- Extended time test with egrep binary replace for Solaris [TIME-3104]
- Adjusted color for SNMP test when warning is found [SNMP-3306]
- Adjusted text for PHP risky functions [PHP-2320]
- Refer to discovered binaries for ifconfig, lsmod, tune2fs
- Test plugin directory when provided by --plugin-dir
- Scan report extended with plugin information
- Extended help for Enterprise options
- Improved IsRunning() function
- Extended color scheme

About Lynis Enterprise

We help companies with auditing and hardening their Unix, Linux and macOS systems.

Our software solution performs in-depth security audits and provides guidance. This way you are quickly underway in getting your systems safe and secure.

With focus on automation, boring hardening documents and benchmarks are no longer needed.