Lynis 1.2.8

- Squid support added
- Squid daemon detection [SQD-3602]
- Squid configuration file search [SQD-3604]
- Squid version detection [SQD-3606]
- Check /etc/motd banner [BANN-7122]
- Check /etc/ file [BANN-7128]
- Check contents in /etc/ [BANN-7130]
- Solaris single user mode login check (/etc/default/sulogin) [AUTH-9304]
- HP-UX boot authentication check [AUTH-9306]
- Linux single user mode authentication check [AUTH-9308]
- Solaris account locking policy check [AUTH-9340]

- Added prerequisite to SSH test, so the test is skipped properly [SSH-7440]
- Check for /etc/issue symlink [BANN-7124]
- Added file check for possible harmful shells found [AUTH-9218]
- Add user home directories to report [HOME-9302]
- Extended Linux run level test with support for Debian/Ubuntu [KRNL-5622]
- Added /lib64/security to PAM test [AUTH-9262]
- Extended security repository check [PKGS-7388]
- Iptables check should not check for a module in a Linux config [FIRE-4511]
- Ignore APC ups daemon when scanning for CUPS [PRNT-2304]
- Improved kernel logger daemon check [LOGG-2138]
- Added auditctl to binary check [ACCT-9630]
- Log used auditd ruleset [ACCT-9630]
- Corrected logging of Solaris c2audit module [ACCT-9656]
- Fixed warning function for Solaris passwordless accounts [AUTH-9254]
- Commented kern.randompid in default profile
- For sysctl the parameter -n will be used on Linux systems
- Changed syslog daemon detection and state
- Extended report file

About Lynis Enterprise

We help companies with auditing and hardening their Unix, Linux and macOS systems.

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