Lynis 1.2.4

- NTP daemon process test [TIME-3108]
- NTP association ID's check from peer list [TIME-3112]
- NTP time source candidates test [TIME-3128]
- NTP falseticker check [TIME-3132]
- NTP protocol version check [TIME-3136]
- Stratum 16 ntp peers check [TIME-3116]
- Unreliable ntp peers check [TIME-3120]
- Preferred NTP time source test [TIME-3124]
- auditd presence check [ACCT-9628]
- auditd rules check [ACCT-9630]
- auditd configuration file check [ACCT-9632]
- auditd log file location check [ACCT-9634]
- cupsd status check [PRNT-2304]
- cupsd configuration file check [PRNT-2306]
- cupsd address configuration test [PRNT-2308]
- pam.conf configuration check [AUTH-9264]
- pam.d configuration file scan [AUTH-9266]
- PAM modules check [AUTH-9268]
- rpcinfo query [STRG-1902]
- NFS version number check [STRG-1904]
- NFS protocol and port number check [STRG-1906]
- NFS status check [STRG-1920]
- NFS exports check [STRG-1926]
- NFS empty /etc/exports [STRG-1928]
- SSH PermitRootLogin option check [SSH-7412]
- at.allow and at.deny check [SCHD-7720]
- File integrity tool check [FINT-4350]
- nginx process check [HTTP-6702]
- nginx log file test [HTTP-6720]
- ClamAV clamscan presence test [MALW-3282]
- ClamAV daemon check [MALW-3284]
- ClamAV freshclam check [MALW-3286]
- Check for presence malware scanner [MALW-3292]
- clamscan, ntpq binary check
- NTP daemon role and profile option
- Parameter --tests-category, to scan one or more categories
- Category added (Storage: NFS)
- Added hardening points to tests
- Display hardening index to report

- Extended logrotate test [LOGG-2148]
- Added check for inetd.conf before performing test [INSE-8016]
- Added /var/spool/crontabs to search path [TIME-3104]
- Added log line to sysstat test [ACCT-9626]
- Improved screen output on Solaris
- Checking for both rdate and ntpdate in cron files [TIME-3104]
- Changed yum-security package check [PKGS-7386]
- Change output if dig isn't available [NETW-2705]
- Added IPv6 support and output adjustment [NETW-2704]
- Cosmetic change for host based firewall check [FIRE-4590]
- Corrected output in log file [PKGS-7388]
- Corrected passwd options for Red Hat [AUTH-9282]
- Changed text if everything is ok (no warnings)
- Log improvements

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