Lynis 1.2.3

- Added syslog-NG daemon check [LOGG-2132]
- Added klogd status test [LOGG-2138]
- Added check to determine minilogd presence [LOGG-2142]
- Added logrotate configuration test [LOGG-2146]
- Added check for loghost entry on Solaris machines [LOGG-2152]
- Added ipf test for Solaris [FIRE-4526]
- Added uname -n test (Solaris) [NAME-4024]
- Added ssh daemon configuration file check [SSH-7404]
- Added BSD newsyslog.conf file check [LOGG-2160]
- Added inetd status check [INSE-8002]
- Added inetd.conf configuration check [INSE-8004]
- Added check for inetd.conf when inetd is not active [INSE-8006]
- Added telnet check via inetd [INSE-8016]
- Added ACL check on root file system [FILE-6368]
- Added check for firewall/packet filter on system [FIRE-4590]
- Added lograte file check [LOGG-2148]
- Added snmp daemon status test [SNMP-3302]
- Added snmp configuration file test [SNMP-3304]
- Added default snmp community strings test [SNMP-3306]
- Added categories: Insecure services and SNMP
- Added binary searches for awk, ipf

- Changed profile name in default profile
- Added path /usr/ucb to binary paths
- Changed color to white if slapd is not running [LDAP-2219]
- Changed test PKG-7345 into PKGS-7345
- Changed logging for several tests [PKGS-7302] [NETW-3004]
- Extended FAQ
- Changed default profile header

- Hostname detection under Solaris
- Disabled tests PROC-3612 PROC3614 for Solaris machines
- Disabled NTP check in cron.d directory on Solaris [TIME-3104]
- Added result at line when querying system users [AUTH-9234]
- Counters (N+1) fixed for some shells, like Solaris
- Removed unneeded line for Solaris test [PROC-3604]
- Disabled grsecurity test for Solaris [RBAC-6272]
- Correct display of files with spaces [FILE-6354]
- Changed several tests so they work correctly with Solaris

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