Lynis 1.2.0

- New test: Passwordless Solaris accounts test [AUTH-9254]
- New test: AFICK file integrity [FINT-4310]
- New test: AIDE file integrity [FINT-4314]
- New test: Osiris file integrity [FINT-4318]
- New test: Samhain file integrity [FINT-4322]
- New test: Tripwire file integrity [FINT-4326]
- New tests: NIS and NIS+ authentication test [AUTH-9240/42]
- Initial support added for AFICK, AIDE, Osiris, Samhain, Tripwire

- Changed text of grsecurity test [RBAC-6272]
- Optimized FreeBSD boot services test [BOOT-5165]
- Optimized UID 0 test [AUTH-9204]
- Extended login shells test [AUTH-9218]
- PID file message extended and small output improvement
- A log entry will be written when PID files are removed
- Added operating system name to log file when a test is skipped
- Added file available check when using --view-manpage
- Most program variables are initialized now for future additions

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