Lynis 1.1.6

- New test: Check writable startup scripts [BOOT-5184]
- New test: Syslog-NG consistency check [LOGG-2134]
- New test: Check yum-utils package and scanning package database [PKGS-7384]
- New test: Test for empty ruleset when iptables is loaded [FIRE-4512]
- New test: Check for expired SSL certificates [CRYP-7902]
- New test: Check for LDAP authentication support [AUTH-9238]
- New test: Read available crontab/cron files [SCHD-7704]
- New test: Query Solaris running zones [VIRT-1902]
- New test: Check availability sudoers file for future tests [AUTH-9250]
- New test: Query all home directories from passwd file [HOME-9302]
- Syslog-NG support added (binary and version check)
- Added new sections: Scheduling, Time and Synchronization, Virtualization

- Extended several tests with suggestions and warnings
- Extended GRUB test with GRUB2 check [BOOT-5121]
- Extended iptables firewall test [FIRE-4511]
- Fixed incorrect variable at Linux kernel config display [KRNL-5728]
- Fixed display for file system test [FILE-6023]
- Reassigned some ID's to match others in category
- Improvement of several logging sections and profile options
- Assigned ID to Ubuntu security update check
- Assigned ID to pwck test for Solaris [AUTH-9230]
- Assigned ID to FreeBSD unused distfiles check [PKGS-7348]
- Assigned ID to RPM package query test [PKGS-7308]
- Assigned ID to /tmp sticky bit test [FILE-6362]
- Assigned ID to old temporary files check [FILE-6354]
- Assigned ID to passwd ID 0 test [AUTH-9204]
- Assigned ID to FreeBSD swap partitions [FILE-6332]
- Assigned ID to FreeBSD swap mount options [FILE-6336]
- Assigned ID to nameserver tests [NETW-2704 and NETW-2705]
- Assigned ID to pf consistency check [FIRE-4520]
- Assigned ID to Postfix configuration check [MAIL-8816]
- Assigned ID to Postfix banner check [MAIL-8818]
- Assigned ID to FreeBSD promiscuous port test [NETW-3014]
- Assigned ID to file permissions check [FILE-7524]

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