Lynis 1.1.5

- Assigned ID to Apache configuration file test [HTTP-6624]
- Added pause_between_tests to profile file, to regulate the speed of a scan
- Assigned ID to dpkg test and solved issue with colon in package names [PKG-7345]
- Assigned ID to Solaris package test [PKG-7306]
- New test: which gathers virtual hosts from Apache configuration files [HTTP-6626]
- New test: read all loaded kernel modules (Linux) [KRNL-5726]
- New test: query available FreeBSD network interfaces [NETW-3004]
- New test: query available IPv4 and IPv6 network addresses [NETW-3008]
- New test: for MAC addresses [NETW-3006]
- New test: check if a Linux kernel configuration file is available [KRNL-5728]
- New test: check boot services for Debian/Ubuntu [BOOT-5180]
- Added Lynx, Nmap, Wget version to log file
- Added support for Oracle enterprise Linux (Unbreakable Linux)
- Added new function ReportWarning for better logging to report file

- Improved FreeBSD pkg_info output, logging output and report data [PKG-7302]
- Changed shell history file test, searching files with maxdepth 1 [HOME-9310]
- Extended iptables test, to check Linux kernel configuration file [FIRE-4511]
- Added report warning to promicuous test [NETW-3014]
- Fixed yellow color when being used at text display
- Several logging improvements and cleanups

About Lynis Enterprise

We help companies with auditing and hardening their Unix, Linux and macOS systems.

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