Lynis 1.1.4

- Added option to disable Lynis upgrade availability test (profile option)
- Added new option --check-update, to display (update) information
- Added stub for malware and file permissions database
- New section 'LDAP Services'
- Support for OpenLDAP added
- Place holders for new tests are added
- Default profile extended
- [FILE-6023] Added test for Linux ext2, ext3, ext4 file systems
- [BOOT-5155] Added check for YABOOT boot loader

- [BANN-7119] Improved MOTD banner check
- Improved Apache tests for SuSE and Debian systems
- Debian/Ubuntu file tests improved
- Extended man page

About Lynis Enterprise

We help companies with auditing and hardening their Unix, Linux and macOS systems.

Our software solution performs in-depth security audits and provides guidance. This way you are quickly underway in getting your systems safe and secure.

With focus on automation, boring hardening documents and benchmarks are no longer needed.