Lynis 1.1.1

- Added Solaris package manager (pkginfo) to obtain installed packages
- Added new option to profile to whitelist promiscuous interfaces (if_promisc)
- Added vulnerable packages check for Debian/Ubuntu
- Added package database consistency check for Debian/Ubuntu

- Only perform boot.conf check for OpenBSD when running on i386
- Changed RemovePIDFile to prevent incorrect file presence check (ie on OpenBSD)
- Better OS detection and display output for Ubuntu systems
- Improved text alignment (display) and logging
- Commented out some of the default profile options
- Updated FAQ, readme, man page

Bug fixes:
- Added missing space at OS detection function
- Fixed /etc/group tests to ignore commented lines
- Fixed sticky bit checking on /tmp, so it won't give incorrect results on
SuSE/Debian systems

About Lynis Enterprise

We help companies with auditing and hardening their Unix, Linux and macOS systems.

Our software solution performs in-depth security audits and provides guidance. This way you are quickly underway in getting your systems safe and secure.

With focus on automation, boring hardening documents and benchmarks are no longer needed.