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» Lynis Enterprise

Lynis Enterprise Suite provides commercial support, reporting, advice and ease of management. See our pricing page for more information.

Lynis Collector

Collector tool for Lynis audit results.

Best suited for companies which separated networks and limited internet connectivity.

License: Open Source, Commercial

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» Lynis plugins

Plugins are extensions to Lynis and part of the Plus and Premium plan within the Lynis Enterprise Suite. These plugins provide additional auditing tests and can be managed within the central management interface.

Package Plugin Version Date Link SHA1 checksum
block System essentials  
  Docker 1.0.0 August 2014 Login 5837e84ed7a96d94b08e59468dac5a3d1e114814
  Files 1.0.0 August 2014 Login 67a2513ea0edcca5fbbac1d193acdf28dfce52db
  Firewalls 1.0.1 August 2014 Login abe9be1d35c8049e64156c1c4893c4c1fe3e3e62
  Processes 1.0.1 August 2014 Login f0b33876b7f31409efbea8eb582257b81067fee4
  Software 1.0.0 April 2014 Login 6c6b45d4c39446032ff98fe6500b4c1221cf6707