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Lynis 1.5.5 Checksum (SHA1): ea53e3c9657512e96faa055122c9c0887a6a148e
Lynis 1.5.6 Checksum (SHA1): 95aff8b208e8a1e97ef6d07d011e800cfa989f25
Lynis 1.5.7 Checksum (SHA1): 48a1d7ad70fd903365495b04a2505b591e531e24

Lynis Enterprise

Lynis Enterprise Suite provides commercial support, reporting, advice and ease of management. See our pricing page for more information.

Software Version License Source available Link SHA1 checksum
Lynis Collector 1.0.1 Commercial tick Login f0c45b01d34a6610050e4c97fe6306a33bd2b365

Lynis plugins

Plugins are extensions to Lynis and part of the Plus and Premium plan within the Lynis Enterprise Suite. These plugins provide additional auditing tests and can be managed within the central management interface.

Please login to see all available plugins for download