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Security Management: Made Easy

You monitor your servers, why skip security?

Security for Linux and Unix systems, for people who care.

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Your customers and manager expect you to shine in your work. You need to be 100% sure about your security defenses.
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» Get back in control

Perform automatic in-depth audits, discover weaknesses, test for compliance and benefit from continuous monitoring.
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» Outperform

Your work can be interesting and enjoyable at the same time! Avoid bad surprises and stay on top of your game with Lynis Enterprise.
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Remediation plan: providing measured and actionable items
Gabriel Gaitan, Domovida
“We were researching system hardening for Linux. With Lynis Enterprise, we found a great solution that makes work easy and reliable. This toolkit allows us to have much better control on the security of the systems. Especially those systems for our customers. The support offered by CISOfy has been excellent!”

Why Lynis Enterprise?

  • Host based auditing, resulting in more detailed scans
  • Specialized in Linux/Unix, for the best possible advice
  • Actionable plans, using the PDCA method
  • Created by the author of Rootkit Hunter and Lynis

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Detect weaknesses before attackers do


Auditing is the first step, to get an objective impression on your security defenses. Within 15 minutes your data center could be fully audited.

In-depth scans
With the sharp focus on Linux/Unix only, you gain the best possible knowledge in one solution.

Open Source
The Lynis client is free to download and open source. You get a well-known auditing tool, supported by the community.


After solving any weaknesses, start monitoring for unauthorized changes. Continuous monitoring is the key to prevent from falling back.

Use reporting to spot any room for improvement. Information security is an ongoing process and reporting is your tool to improve your defenses even further.


Embed information security, keep control over your network and expand security awareness.

Integrate your existing CMDB with Lynis Enterprise, software configuration tool or SIEM solution. Automation is the key to save time and keep systems in the desired state.

Easy compliance with baselines, and predefined sets for HIPAA, PCI or other compliance needs.

Stay in control with the dashboard functionality. With one quick glance at the dashboard, it becomes easy again to target and focus your efforts.

Used by thousands of system administrators daily and featured by:
The Hacker News Cisco Systems Fedora Security Lab
Ideal for System Administrators, Auditors and Consultants
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