Note: this plugin is under development and not available yet

Active and passive checks for traces of malware on Unix based systems. Examples of malware detection include rootkits, backdoors and PHP shells. The plugin determines what software is installed, common locations where malware is hidden and other methods to find uncommon patterns. By comparison with other systems, anomolies will be detected. Optional event triggers are possible to initiate an investigation or additional forensics.

About Lynis

Lynis is an open source security auditing tool, specialized in Linux and Unix based systems.

Our software solution helps companies to audit their systems, craft a defense plan and check for compliance.

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We don't simply go for more features. Our customers want to software that is understandable, easy to use and helps them save time. With our specialized focus on your favorite platform, we believe we can make your work easier and save you time.

Lynis Plugins

Plugins are part of the Lynis Enterprise Suite. They provide an extension to Lynis and help to collect more information.

We provide tools like Lynis and these related plugins, as we believe that information security is very important for every business. Our goal is to help you succeed with your business goals, protect your data and that of your customers.

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