Lynis 1.2.2

- Support for MySQL client
- New test: Test for empty MySQL root password [DBS-1816]
- New test: SSH daemon status test [SSH-7402]
- New test: sysstat account information [ACCT-9626]
- New test: connections in WAIT state [NETW-3028]
- Lynis displays a warning now, if current version is really outdated
- New parameter option (log_tests_incorrect_os) to minimize logging

- Several adjustments to default profile
- Fixed option 'skip_test_always' to let it function properly
- Fixed passwd check for SuSE systems [AUTH-9282]
- Added error redirect for dpkg test [PKG-7345]
- Improved NTP test and messages, excluded check when using xen [TIME-3104]
- Extended DNS nameserver check with local resolver [NETW-2704]
- Skip double nameserver check when a local resolver is found [NETW-2705]
- Renamed tests_nameserver to tests_nameservices
- Improved log output [AUTH-9218]

- Custom profiles should be compared to the default profile, due small changes
in the structure.

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